Kalevala Distilled Gin

The original Kalevala Gin, an ode to juniper. Whereas contemporary gin is booming in its many variations, our distilled gin is true to traditions and has a full juniper taste. Gin as it should be.

at 46,3% abv the taste characteristics of this gin unfold perfectly.



KAlevala Dry distilled gin

To celebrate 100 years finnish independence we created a Dry Distilled Gin, the "gindependence" edition. the recipe is based on our original gin, supplemented by blackcurrant leaf and Jerusalem artichoke. 


Kalevala Navy Strength

Coming soon, our new kalevala navy strength distilled gin. at 50,9% ABV this is our strongest gin yet.

strong, but sweet.

For those who wonder why this is not 57 vol. %? Well, we in Finland have better gunpowder…

Kalevala Navy strength Distilled gin

Kalevala Navy strength Distilled gin


some of our key ingredients

Here are just a few of the organic botanicals that form the secret recipe of kalevala gin...: Juniper, mint, Raspberry leaf, rosemary, Rose bud and Jerusalem Artichoke