The creation


As the base for our gin we use the finest organic wheat spirit. This we dilute to around 80 % ABV before pouring it into our still, the “Sampo”. 



In the next stage the most important ingredient is added, the heart and soul of our gin, the star of the show, our beloved Juniper.


Now some patience is required, as we wait for a full 24 hours before we continue the process. This allows for base spirit to become saturated with all the flavour from the juniper. After 24 hours we add four other ingredients to the liquid phase.

We now also place a number of fresh herbs, Mint, Rosebud, Raspberry lead, Rosemary, into a tray which is then placed in the vapour path.


Another 12 hours later, the heat is on! We switch on two of our heating elements which begin heating the water bath which surrounds the core of the still. This is a bit like heating chocolate…

After some two hours, the alcohol vapour begins to separate and move toward the head of the still. On its way to the head, the vapour passes through the vapour tray with Mint, Rosebud, Raspberry leaf and Rosemary.


Soon things start to happen as the first vapour begins to form into liquid in the condenser. Now it´s time to cut the head´s. This we do by sensory evaluation and only once we reach the heart´s will we start collecting the gin.