The Finnish national epic the Kalevala is the cradle of inspiration for the creation of Kalevala Gin. The events of this epic can be traced to the vicinity in which Kalevala Gin is produced, in Finnish-Karelia. As in the epic, the story of our products revolves around the mystical Sampo…

According to the epic, Ilmarinen, the blacksmith who forged the Sampo, was to be rewarded with the Maiden of the North by her mother, the Mistress of the North, for the extraordinary effort he put into forging the Sampo. Not only him, but also his heroic friends, Väinämöinen and Lemminkäinen, tried their luck with the Maiden of the North.   But in the end it was all in vain, and all three would remain bachelors.

As the Sampo created happiness, wealth and wonders, the peoples of Pohjola, of whom the Mistress of the North is the matriarch, lived in prosperity. The epic´s heros, Ilmarinen, Väinämöinen and Lemminkäinen, were jealous of this happiness and planned TO steal the Sampo from the Nordic tribe to make their own lives better. To do so, they sailed to Pohjola and stole the Sampo. On their return voyage, the Sampo was lost at sea during a sea battle between the epic´s heros and the Mistress of the North.

Now the Sampo has been fished out of the sea and rebuilt to create wonders to the world once more. Selected ingredients and the magic of the Sampo make for our mystical gin.

(Please note that this is a much shortened summary of only a part of a long and complex epic. There are translations of this epic into many languages.)