Kalevala Distilled Gin

The original Kalevala Gin, an ode to juniper. Whereas contemporary gin is booming in its many variations, our distilled gin is true to traditions and has a full juniper taste. Gin as it should be.

at 46,3% abv the taste characteristics of this gin unfold perfectly.



KAlevala Dry distilled gin

To celebrate 100 years finnish independence we created a Dry Distilled Gin, the "gindependence" edition. the recipe is based on our original gin, supplemented by blackcurrant leaf and Jerusalem artichoke. 

At 49,9% ABV (99,8 Proof) we are, like finland, almost at 100...


Kalevala Navy Strength

Coming soon, our new kalevala navy strength distilled gin. at 50,9% ABV this is our strongest gin yet.

strong, but sweet.

For those who wonder why this is not 57 vol. %? Well, we in Finland have better gunpowder…

 Kalevala Navy strength Distilled gin

Kalevala Navy strength Distilled gin


some of our key ingredients

Here are just a few of the organic botanicals that form the secret recipe of kalevala gin...: Juniper, mint, Raspberry leaf, rosemary, Rose bud and Jerusalem Artichoke